Managing the Quality of Service

To ensure the quality of management within Clayton Care, we have various systems in place. The service management structure consists of two Managers and one Managing Director. Managers are responsible for the day to day running of the company. Responsibilities include staff supervision, rota development, interviewing and recruitment, management of staff and clients along with developing the service. The managing director is responsible for management of the two managers and overseeing the management of the company and financial security of the company, interviewing new staff, engaging with the Care Inspectorate and generating new business.

The company works closely with the Care Inspectorate to ensure that the care delivery is consistently high and conforms with care standards and quality indicators.

We have recently successfully promoted three support workers to senior support staff to join the management team and take on roles within the company that we feel need expanding. These roles include recruitment, staff training, personal development plans for all staff, policy development, quality assurance, development of services.

All staff are subject to an induction process where the operation of the company and the expectations of job roles are identified. Staff all have access to support plans, observation sheets and policies and procedures and are given training and guidance on this through induction. Induction also allows the company to identify any training that is required, some of which we provide as an online service. If this is not suitable then training is purchased from other organisations and companies.

All staff are supervised on a 6-8 weekly basis staff can also call for a meeting with any of the management team at a time that is suitable for them should this be required.

Improving Customer Outcomes

Improving customer outcomes is very important to the company and we have a number of different approaches for this. In principle, for any new client we hold a meeting to determine if the service is suitable for them and vice versa. Once we have established this Clayton Care management and the client work on a support plan together which is directed by the client. The aim of this is to identify key information in relation the service user and establish goals and targets that become the foundation of the support plan. The support plan is reviewed on a 6 monthly basis with the service users and relevant changes are made if necessary. Clients can call for a review at any time should they feel it is required.
Clayton Care also sends out a client/family questionnaire every year which provides us with anonymous feedback relating to all elements of our service. This allows us to improve the service based on the responses and feedback that we receive.

We also invite clients to be involved with our interviewing and recruitment process. Once a candidate has been successful we invite them to meet one of our clients for an informal chat and ask the service users to ask a few questions. This allows management to observe how potential employees interact with clients and offers our clients direct contact and influence on our recruitment and staffing.

Engaging Service Users

Clients are involved with the set up and management of their support from the very first meeting and this continues throughout the service provision. As previously stated clients are involved in the development of their support plan and management of their staff teams. Clients are also give the opportunity to attend interviews of new staff should they choose to and will bring their own questions and suggestions during the interview process.

Many of our clients have control of their own budgets and finances and at times we provide support to enable the effective management of this. The company has capacity to manage all options offered from the self directed support options depending on clients choices. Clients have regular contact with their key workers and management and are invited to attend a review of their service every six months. Reviews can be called at any time should the client or company feel it is required. The review offers an opportunity for any issues to be discussed and identify any changes to support that may be required. Clients also receive an anonymous questionnaire once a year to feedback to the service.

Clayton Care also provides support to a number of groups who are involved in various activities, primarily social. Examples of this include cinema nights, pool nights, theatre, live music and night clubs. This allows a number of our service users to meet on a social night out and encourages relationships and friendships to development. The company is also potentially engaging with a disability football organisation in Glasgow and although this idea is in its infancy it has already generated wide interest in Glasgow and we are keen to bring this to Edinburgh and expand its popularity. We also aim to approach the SFA and professional teams in Edinburgh and hope that will endorse the idea and offer some backing.

Service Development and Delivery

The service develops organically, by which we mean that the service changes and develops to meet the ever changing needs of its clients. Development also comes from working alongside the Care Inspectorate and considering and implementing changes that have been discussed and identified through the inspection process.

Staff working for Clayton Care are the primary deliverers of our services and to ensure that our staff are working to the highest standards we have a number of strategies in place. All staff go through an interview process and are reference checked and PVG checked before they can work with any of our service users. New staff will shadow existing staff members prior to working one their own with them to learn and get to know client and their needs and also allow for clients to get to know new staff and gain their trust. Training needs are identified through the induction process and regular supervision with management. Staff are also required to fill out daily observation sheets on our digital office which allows management to monitor progress and services from a distance.

We are currently reviewing our induction process for new staff to include a more in depth and robust training process prior to their employment commencing. Areas that are currently being reviewed include :-

  • Management of challenging behaviours
  • Medication administration
  • Moving and handling
  • Infection Control
  • Epilepsy
  • Adult protection
  • Child protection
  • Whistle blowing

All staff will have a personal development plan to work towards goals and targets identified by management and also identify areas for training needs. Senior staff will oversee this and ensure regular supervision occurs and records are kept up to date and accurate.

We are also sourcing a new online training tool for staff to access as and when they require, this will also include mandatory training for the induction of new staff to bring all staff in line with Care Inspectorate and SSSC guidelines.

Monitoring Performance

We monitor and report on performance in a number of ways. To monitor our staff we hold supervision with all our staff on 6-8 week basis. This meeting has a set agenda and allows staff to feedback on, clients, outcomes, goals and targets, identify any training needs and also allows management to feedback on individuals performance and over all care/support delivery. We are also introducing Personal Development Plans for all staff to enhance their professional development over there employment period within the company.

Staff are required to fill out daily observation sheets which documents day to day support, activities and progress towards goals and targets which have been agreed with the client and family. This also allows the staff team to communicate effectively between each other and ensures consistency in approach for all clients. Management continue to work as part of the support team and provide support to clients on a 1:1 basis. Management also carry out spot checks and or unannounced visits along with direct observations of staff. This allows management to see firsthand how staff are supporting clients.

Clients are also encouraged to feedback on their support staff's performance through reviews or direct contact with management. Clients and family members can contact management at any time to offer feedback and request a change of support staff should they feel this necessary. The company also sends out questionnaires annually to all clients and their families. This allows the company to gather evidence directly from clients and ensures that the development of the company is based on service user led outcomes. Collectively all elements of the monitoring and performance processes in place and those that are being reviewed and introduced will provide a platform for continuous improvement and delivery of a high standard of support and care.

In conclusion Clayton Care works very closely with all its staff and clients to ensure that the quality and consistency of the service it provides remains in place and relative to the needs of its clients.

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