How The Community Benefits

Clayton Care staff make a significant contribution to the community by enabling many of our clients to engage in community activities with support.

Beyond this Clayton Care offers opportunities for non-employees to gain experience in our work. The primary example of this would be students who either work for us on a part-time basis or come to us to gain experience in relation to their college or university course. We have recently been in discussions with a student from a Nursing course who is hoping to work alongside our managers to gain experience of working in the community environment. Our company is also open to volunteers who would like to join us for period of time to gain experience in the work place; to date however we have not had a volunteer join us but this is an area we aim to work on in the future.

Clayton Care has used a number of different strategies for recruitment. We have used websites and local agencies in the past. We have also had meetings and advertised vacancies for Jobseekers through local government offices. This has been particularly useful as a community benefit for those who have been unemployed for some time or are looking for a new career having come from a different working background. Other community contacts have included colleges and universities where again we have advertised vacancies available within our company.

Clayton Care has been involved in a number of service provider meetings and forums over the last three years, in particular with care at home services and, more recently, day service provision. We feel that we have contributed positively on these occasions and that care services have improved as a result of our contributions.

Clayton Care is always keen to engage with local businesses and local services and although we do not have a great need for indoor or fixed premises, when this is required, the premises of local businesses and service providers are used for staff meetings, social events, for clients or meetings for service users and parents as examples.

We also attend open days and career days at schools and colleges across Edinburgh. This is a great opportunity to meet parents and students who are either looking for services, for careers or support moving forward with their lives and we have found this to be a very positive way to engage with and raise awareness with the local community.

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